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I dont know what makes great offspring or great parents. What I do know is that I felt like Dad's favorite and so did each of my six siblings. One Christmas, I asked my dad what he really wanted as a gift.  He said,  "You know I love to dress up like Lincoln and every Presidents Day I like to give my impersonation at the senior center, so if you could get me a human-hair Lincoln beard, that would be great. "     

Wow what an amazing request! I was excited to find something other than a tie, sweater or box of chocolates that would be personal, and the quirkiness of it appealed to my artistic side.    

"Cool" I responded.

"Lincoln was one of the first public figures to utter the phrase, 'cool' in a sentance with the same meaning that we give it today." Dad pointed this out almost everytime any of us used the word as slang. It always made me think of Abe in bell bottoms and with longer hair. 

I hadn't thought about that beard until I unearthed this precious box and this photo.    Starting in High School and throughout his life my dad posed as Lincoln, but he wasnt posing when he emulated the gravity, humor and compassion of the great man he seemed to know so well. 

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