Happy Birthday Nick LaBella

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My dad's favorite bomber jacket.



The past does not want to be changed, reads Stephen King's time travel novel 11,22,63.  The story is about a man who tries to go back in time to stop the assassination of JFK and finds that the obdurate nature of the past will work to stay the course and not allow itself to be changed.  A lot of the action takes place in 1958, which coincidentally is also the year of many of the photos I recently found among my father's collections. I also found two letters dated 1963 and '64, from J. Edgar Hoover, addressed to my dad, and one of which contains the FBI director's strong rebuttal about a cover up regarding the JFK's murder.  There are blurry edges between what I am reading for entertainment and these items from my dad's past,  but more on that later.

By the late 1950's dad had already developed an enviable discipline of drawing all the time, creating a sizable body of work. These early drawings contain clues to what richness lies ahead.

 Below are some amazing sketches of my dad's favorite ballplayers. I am particularly interested in the figure - centric sensibility of the drawings.  There is no background, nor indications of a floor but the figures still have the simulation of movement, weight,strength and stillness.  They bring to mind Egyptian statues of deities who are immortalized in a living-undead state forever.



And here is a more recent self portrait he did with many more years of art making, self- knowledge, and sheer detail.